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Welcome to my personal website, 55-Pedro! Here, once I have the facilities developed, I will host a blog, a backlog of music I've made, general archives and anything else I can think of!

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or criticism for this site in its early development stage, sign my guestbook below!

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Update Log

[16 Sep 2022] Cleared out the Cool Links segment in the header. When I can get this site on webrings, I will put them up there. The links that got cleared out will be put on the new Links page in due time. I'm gonna have the Sonatine theme for my Links page, and make a new one for my Blog page. It doesn't really sit well with me there.

[13 Sep 2022] Long time no see, I know. Been busy. I did some rearranging on the main page, removing the ugly sidebar and adding a nice new guestbook button. Officially the first site update under HM King Charles III.

[7 June 2022] Made more site buttons! Still unable to fill all four slots out, but I want to cobble together the Music page before I get to that. Also, the little guy who sat on this update log has disappeared for now, until I can figure out the position property. It looks just a little emptier here.

[1 June 2022] Created and themed the blog page, though nothing's actually on there yet.

[28 May 2022] Finally came back to this little project. The home page now has a complete makeover, and I have a more coherent goal for the site's creation in my head. I made an 88x31 button for people to add to their sites. I made the Steam and Last.fm buttons, too. What you can't find, make.

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